UNESCO sites in Spain  are dotted around the country. Currently there are 44 of these World Heritage sites. It made me wonder how many of these sites I had actually visited.

This list is ever-increasing. Another 24 places in Spain are waiting on the tentative list. Awaiting approval are sites such as Jaen Cathedral & the Monastery at El Escorial. The reasons that sites are included are often to raise their profile and ensure a good level of support and conservation of the site.UNESCO

When looking on the site I discovered that on my travels in Spain it I have already visited 8 and a half of these landmarks.

Here they are:

  1. The biodiversity of Ibiza
    Around the year 2000 I visited the islands of Ibiza & Formentera staying for 4 weeks on a small yacht. I remember seeing the natural mud baths and swimming in the beautiful turquoise waters there.
  2. The Alhambra, Generalife & Albayzin of Granada
    I live in Granada and know the Albaicin quarter well. Of course I have visited the magnificent Alhambra palace & it´s gardens many times. See my related post A walk around Granada´s Albaicin quarter  
  3. Archaeological sites of Tarraco
    When I was studying Spanish as a teenage I spent several summers in Tarragona. The archaeological sites there include fortified walls, amphitheatres and other ancient buildings and relics.
  4. Seville I have visited this charming city on 3 day break. I loved visiting and taking photos of all the sights in the city as well as exploring the historic monuments and buildings. (photo above)
  5. Historic Cordoba – The mosque with it´s infinite arches is a breath taking sight, the river running through the town and synagogue are well worth exploring too.
  6. Historic Toledo – We were unlucky and it rained for the whole of the time we where there (this isn´t typical) however the historic buildings are present wherever you turn. A wonderful city to visit, it feels like you have gone back in time. (photo heads this post)UNESCO
  7. Works of Gaudi Barcelona. Of course having lived in Barcelona I am familiar with the Works of Gaudi, one of the less known ones is Palau Guell which I visited earlier this year. The architect creates a special atmosphere with his interior designs as well as using practical elements such as chimney stacks as decorative features.
  8. Palau de la Música Catalana. Barcelona. I have actually been lucky enough to attend several concerts in the beautiful Palau de la Música Catalana, this palace is chocolate box pretty with an art deco style entrance hall.

8½. On the list Ubeda & Baeza in Jaen appear, this is my neighbouring province. I actually did visit Baeza a few years ago. The thing is it was midday in August. Every step we walked was an effort. I only had 1 hour there. So this doesn´t count. I have a few photos but I must revisit and add Ubeda too.

Merida, Ubeda & Cuenca (in Spain) are places that are being added to my every growing to do list.

I have always wanted to visit Extremadura and seeing Merida on the UNESCO list gives me just another reason to go. I am also looking forward to visiting Cuenca to see the famous Casas colgantes (hanging houses, they are perched on a cliff face)

Also in Spain there are Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity such as Flamenco which was added in 2010 and the Catalan Human Towers both of which I have seen several times and can highly recommend when visiting Spain.

When I begin to look further afield (outside Spain) I realise I seen quite a these sites really.  I have written another post about the sites in Europe & USA I visited.

Which World Heritage have you already seen?  Which are you planning to visit?