Following on from the post about UNESCO sites in Spain that I have visited..(8 and a half so far). Out of curiosity I took a look at the full list to see if I had seen any other sites while on my travels.

Here´s the list:

UK – The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey & Kew Gardens.

UK It currently has 28 sites with UNESCO status. So far I have only seen 3 of them. All of them in London.

The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey are must see places when you visit London. The buildings that make up the area around the tower are wonderfully conserved and of course this is the home to the Crown Jewels of the Royal Family

The Royal Botanic Kew Gardens for me was a delightful day trip, as I am a bit of a greenfingers. I actually studied floristry for several years but that aside these gardens have absolutely everything. It has 300 acres of space packed with thousands of plant species and of course the popular waterlily area.

I have visited Edinburgh. The city is listed but my visit really doesn’t count. I only saw Edinburgh Castle from the Taxi window on a business trip, I can´t say I saw it properly.

When I travel to the UK in future I may have to check this list first! 

USA  The Grand Canyon National Park. I visited this several years ago but didn´t really enjoy it as I should have done. I think that if you visit the canyon you need to fly over it in a helicopter or trek down it with mules. This way you get the perspective from above or from the Canyon floor. Standing on the edge of the vast landmark on a hazy day didnt create the WOW factor I was expecting. Maybe the weather affected my experience that day?

Yosemite National park   The waterfalls here are Epic, there are mountains, Sequoias…..If you like outdoors you must visit this park at some point. (Avoid August… it was busy!)

Yellowstone National park This place was my highlight of a 19 day trip crossing 9 american states. I absolutely loved it here and am keen to return for a longer stay. The colours of the pools, yellow, turquoise, deep green. The powerful geysers shooting up out of the ground. The huge trees just slain on hillsides from the power of the underground movements. The wildlife, bears, buffalos, eagles and even wolves.

New YorkThe Statue of Liberty National park The actual statue is 46 metres tall (the whole piece from Ground to torch is 93m) however this seems small when you are out in the bay observing her from the ferry. An iconic landmark no doubt which has been there since 1886.

Germany The UNESCO sites are palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin again the weather. Berlin in February. Well the flight was cheap! It was absolutely freezing. We wrapped up warm and visited the Berlin Wall, checkpoin Charlie and some amazing palaces (see pic below)

Museumsinsel the Museum island is also on the UNESCO list and in Berlin. Several huge museums all in the same area. You need a weekend just to visit that area itself.

In France the banks of the Seine Paris which I visited as a ´poor´ student many years ago are listed too.

The Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands also make the list. Amsterdam is the place outside of the UK where I always feel at home. The Dutch eat lovely cakes and lots of cheese. They also share a similar sense of humour as the Brits do. I have been 3 or 4 times now and love the place. The house boats and wonderful scenery created by the network of canals make a unique city layout.

Portugal The landscape of Sintra – This trip to Lisbon was an amazing luxury experience. We had a gala dinner in the Sieteais palace which was built in 1787 in Sintra. I remember eating typical cheese pastries in Sintra one morning on a patio in the sun.

UNESCO sites

On the same trip we visited The tower of Belem Lisbon which was built in 1520 to defend the river Tagus and the city.

So that´s 20 UNESCO sites that I´ve seen. (13 USA/Europe & 8 and half in Spain)  With 962 sites in total I just have 941 left to go
Which World Heritage have you already seen? Which UNESCO sites are you hoping to visit?
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