Spain questions

Do you have any Spain questions for me?

Often you write to ask me questions about Spain covering everything and anything under the Spanish Sun.

Some come via email or in the comments on my blog. Or even on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

To make it a little easier I´m opening up this blog post specifically for your questions.

Some of the more popular questions I have already answered in previous blog posts:

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So maybe you want to know:

  • Where to buy a specific item or product in Spain?
  • When one of the festivals is on?
  • Something about Spanish food or a recipe?
  • Something related to a book you have read
  • Maybe there is some bugging you about learning Spanish.
  • How to find a job in Spain?
  • How to deal with the hot summer days in Andalusia?
  • Getting Spanish guitar classes in Spain?

Whatever it is put your Spain questions in the comments below and I will answer you as soon as I can.

Also remember that there are lots of online resources out there too.

Facebook groups and Expat community sites with like minded people

Learning Spanish and music

Classes at Carmen de las Cuevas