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Is it safe to travel to Spain?

Just an update on the situation in Spain with regards to travel and tourism. Yesterday 23rd May 2020 the Spanish government indicated that Spain would be open to International Visitors from July 2020. This is great news as we are clearly going in the right direction. The number of cases in Spain is falling and hospitals are recovering a lot of their normal services too.

At the moment different regions of Spain are at different stages. Some are in Phase 1 or Phase 2 of de escalation. Face masks are obligatory in public spaces. They are also required to access many services. (dentist, shops, hairdressers, cafés etc).

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Situation in Spain May 2020

In May travel is not allowed around Spain within different regions or provinces. However as we move onto Phase 3 and Phase 4 this will become possible. In Phase 1 and 2 it is not possible.

To answer the question of whether it is safe to travel to Spain, this depends on many factors and in particular which country you are coming from. You may be asked to follow quarantine rules on returning home after visiting Spain. This depends on your local laws and the situation at the time. However, as announced on 25th May 2020 by the Spanish government, when you arrive in Spain you will not be asked to quarantine on arrival into the country.

It also depends on your personal situation and health. For some people COVID 19 can be a very serious infection and right now there is no cure or vaccine.

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Current Statistics on the Pandemic in Spain

The Spanish government have confirmed the figures today 24th May as

  • Total number of cases in Spain 124.845
  • New ones confirmed today in Spain: 86
  • Critical Care Unit Admissions in Spanish hospitals total: 11.477
  • Critical Care Admissions today: 3
  • Total number of deaths in Spain: 28.752
  • Confirmed deaths in last 24h: 70

These figures are updated daily by the Health Minister in Spain and are available at this link: Current Situation COVID in Spain – Ministerio de Salud (click on the 2nd item Actualización nº: enfermedad por SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

So if you are planning to travel to Spain this summer (from July onwards) I would encourage you to keep updated with the information, as the situation continues to progress and improve. Also keep up to date with the immigration department of your own country as they are also modifying requirements on returning home.

If you take out healthcare or travel insurance, Check that they will cover any COVID related incidents or cancelled travel plans.


**Information below from: Mon 16th March 2020**

The situation in Spain and updates as I’ve received lots of emails this week.

Here is the information that I am sharing with the people who have written to me with questions.

Mid March 2020 – Situation in Spain

Here is the information that I am sharing with the people who have written to me with questions.

Should I cancel my trip to Spain?

Travel to Spain is not possible during March or April 2020. Air routes, Tourist activities, Restaurants and Beaches are all closed.

A State of Emergency has been declared in Spain. Borders are closed. It is expected that International will return Mid Summer 2020 but we await further confirmation.

If you have travel booked, most airlines hotels and companies are getting in touch to cancel themselves.

At the moment Madrid is the region most affected. Across Spain schools & universities closed from 11th March for 2 weeks. Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque region is also affected with a serious outbreak. In Catalonia the region is on lock down. Andalucia there are 437 cases as of 16th March.

Across Spain events are being postponed or cancelled. For example The Seville Easter Processions and Las Fallas festival in Valencia are cancelled. These measures are to avoid an increase in the area. There were 148 cases in the Comunidad Valenciana on 14.3.2020.

If you have travel booked or reservations in March or April in Spain check official websites for latest updates. Or contact the email on your booking.

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In this article below you can see a map showing the most affected areas in Spain and Europe.

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How to Travel Safe

It seems that masks may help but they are not the only measure to keep this new virus at bay. There are products like Nasal Barrier Sprays available too which maybe a good thing if you have to travel. It´s important to keep your hands clean with an Hand Sanitiser

I found this article very useful too:
Flight Recommendations

  • Even the seat selection you make on the plane makes a difference.
  • Window seats towards the front of the plane are a better choice than seats in the aisle or towards the back of the plane.
  • Keeping passengers at a distance is also helpful when possible.

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Travelling Soon?

If you are planning essential travel over the next months. April, May or June 2020 and maybe concerned about flight cancellations or problems. The best thing is to take out travel insurance. This should cover you in case of changes to your travel plans.

As new cases crop up across the world the situation can change. Airlines and different geographies are changing their protocols week by week. It is also a good time to make the most of travel deals and hotel offers.

Some travellers are cancelling or not booking holidays, when this is usually a peak time in the industry. Many companies are offering deals such as free cancellation or higher discounts for early reservations.

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Cancelled Flights

Airlines are removing flights if they see that travellers are avoiding travel to certain destinations.

As a regular traveller Safety Wing is my current go to. They are very good especially for location independent folks and digital nomads. IATI are also a good insurance provider (based in Barcelona) that offers great cover for certain trips.

Insurance coverage right now follows CDC travel warnings. Check your policy for specific details.

Level 3 are the most risky areas (China, Iran, South Korea, Most of Europe)

  • When a location (typically country or a city) reaches a level 3 (or 4) travel warning. You could lose your insurance coverage. If you arrive after warning is given.
  • If you are already in a location that has a travel warning, you have 10 days to evacuate and you do get cover during this time. The insurance covers the evacuation itself. If you choose to remain there beyond the 10 days, you are no longer covered for health treatment.
  • Note that even if your coverage lapses because you stay in a country with a CDC level 3+ travel warning. You are still covered by the rest of the policy for other eligible expenses, just not healthcare treatment.
  • You may also find useful the website for Passenger Air Rights in Europe

COVID 19 Useful links:

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Keep Calm and Carry On

As more information develops on the Spain situation, I will update this post.

Highlighting the most important points to help you plan your future Travel in Spain

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