New Years Eve in Granada

Celebrating New Years Eve in Granada is typical at Plaza del Carmen. The square outside Granada´s Town Hall. In Spain it´s traditional to eat 12 grapes. Have these ready before midnight. Seedless grapes work best ; )  Then on each chime of midnight you eat one.

This is said to bring good luck for the new year. Granada organises live music and fireworks in the square which begins around 11pm and last until around 2am.

uvas grapes new year nochevieja

There is also a huge party at Sierra Nevada ski resort. Unless you have accomodation there you will need to make arrangements to get transport back to Granada ahead of time.

Dining out on New Years Eve is generally an expensive affair. It´s typical to have elaborate dishes with fish and seafood. Restaurants don´t open only when booked ahead of time. Expect to pay around 60 euros -90 euros for a New Years Eve dinner and drinks.

If you are staying in Granada over New Years plan ahead for dinner on New Years Eve so that you get something to meet your budget. Most of the locals will have dinner at home on New Years Eve. They tend to dine around 10.30pm and the meal can go on past midnight. Its typical to leave after dessert around 1am to meet friends. Most bars will not open until 1am or a little later.

Vegan Dessert with sherry wine.jpg

New Years Day

On the 1st January shops and museums are closed.

Many restaurants are closed. Some may open on the evening of the 1st January.

Make sure you get any supplies on 31st Jan in the morning. (1st and 2nd January are holidays in Granada)

Dia de la Toma

On the 2nd January Granada celebrates a local festival. El Día de la Toma which means the seizing or the taking of Granada. This day marks the conquest of the kingdom of Granada by Isabel and Ferdinard the Catholic kings on this day in 1492. This celebration is controversial and some believe it is outdated to celebrate such an event. The main focus of the day is held at Granada Town Hall in Plaza del Carmen at 12 noon.

The flag is waved on the balcony of the town hall and there is a procession. The bell above the Alhambra´s watchtower Torre de la Vela is also rung as it would have been all those centuries ago. The service does not last long, its around 30 minutes to an hour)2 January 2015 Granada

A Spanish Christmas

From 2nd to 5th January enjoy the last days of the Nativity Scene Route in the city.
As Epiphany is important in the Spanish calendar it is Christmas right up until the 6th of January.
Mollina Museum Belen Nativity Scene

El Duende Fermin

Once the Cabalgata ends at the Town hall. Duende Fermin appears on the balcony  on Plaza del Carmen.
He thanks the three kings and warns local children that must go to bed ontime and be good to get their Christmas gifts.
After this talk by Duende Fermin,  Fireworks close the cabalgata shooting off into the night sky over Granada town hall.
 Christmas in Granada belen (2)

Three Kings in Granada

Early on the evening of the 5th January the three Kings of orient arrive in Granada. The kings and their calvacades throw sweets as they walk through the city centre. The parade sets off from C/Rector Lopez Argueta. Then it moves along Gran Via and down into centre of town to Puerta Real. To see the exact route check local press the day before. (Ideal Granada or Ahoragranada)

• Starts: 5.30pm at Plaza Gran Capitán
• Calle San Juan de Dios
• Gran Vía de Colón then down along Calle Reyes Católicos,
• Puerta Real then to Plaza del Humilladero
• Carrera de la Virgen
• Puerta Real and to Plaza del Campillo

• Back to Calle Reyes Católicos and completes the route in Plaza del Carmen or Granada Town Hall. Estimated 10.30pm.

Cabalgata Reyes Barcelona Kings 5th Jan

Cabalgata de Reyes

While watching the parade you may want to keep an eye out for umbrellas. Some people open them, turn them upside down, so they may catch more sweets. Some people take stepladders to get a good view too. There are around 20 floats and around 10,000 kgs of sweets throw by hundreds of actors in the Granada parade. This has been going more than 100 years in Granada, one of Spains oldest parades. It began in 1912.

In that first edition even local Poet Federico García Lorca took part. You will enjoy this lively street parade known as Calbagata de Reyes Magos and you may even line your  pockets with some sweets.

Granada Town Hall Christmas 2018 Navidad Ayuntamiento

Duende Fermin

At the end of the Kings parade in Granada, the Duende Fermin comes out onto the balcony of Granada town hall. This magical character presents the three kings to the people of Granada. He also warns the local children that they must go to sleep in good time if they want to receive their Christmas presents.
After this short appearance by Duende Fermin fireworks are let off right above the town hall building.

Roscon de Reyes

Shops are open until late on the 5th of January (until midnight) This is a great moment to buy a typical Roscon de Reyes. This traditional cake is eaten on the 5th or 6th of January. It is a brioche style mixture, decorated with candied fruit and sugar. Filling are white cream (nata) or crème patisserie (crema). Other fillings are now becoming poular too such as truffle or chocolate.
 Si es el haba lo encontrado este postre pagarás más si ello es la figura coronado y Rey serás
Watch out for objects inside the Roscon. The Spanish answer to the sixpence or three penny bit is ´La haba´.  Inside each roscon you will find a dried broad bean. If you get this in your piece, tradition says you should pay for the whole cake. You may be a luckier and find the King. If you do you get to wear the Golden Crown (made of cardboard) and will be King for the day. So to avoid problems between siblings, parents ask their baker to put in one king figure for each child.
Roscon de Reyes Epiphany three Kings 6th Jan Spain

Coal for Naughty Children

In Spain the morning of the 6th January is when the Christmas presents arrive. After the three kings of orient have delivered them on the night of the 5th.
If you have been naughty, it´s traditional that they  leave coal instead of gifts.
To make this custom more gentle for mischievous children there is a sweet version of coal. This black sugar based treat is added as a warning.
Carbon de azucar Sugar Coal Spain


January Sales in Spain

In Spain the January sales begin at 10am on Thursday 7th January 2018.

Shops also open on the first Sunday of the sales from 11am to 4pm.

Granada shopping in spain