Just in 2018 2.766.887 people visited the Alhambra Palace. Tickets to the monument can be tricky to purchase, particularly at peak times of the year.  Booking ahead to get the best price for your visit is imperative. Also reserving as soon as you can you will guarantee that you get a ticket on the day/time that you are in Granada.

The reason that Alhambra tickets are limited to a certain number is to protect the interior of the Nasrid palaces. Some of the walls and floors are delicate and need to be protected from wear.

So limiting the numvber of people within the palace walls makes sure there is less crowding and people brushing against the delicate plasterwork along its ancient walls.

Patio Leones Nasrid Palace Alhambra Granada

Nasrid palace – Get Alhambra tickets

If you want to visit this UNESCO World Heritage site you need to book Alhambra tickets well in advance. They often sell out especially around Eastertime, weekends and Summer months.

You can buy tickets online at the official Ticket website. However these tickets tend to sell out quickly and are not always available for purchase, sometimes a few weeks before the visit. This does vary according to the season.

The Alhambra Palace Walls Spain Blog

Skip the Line – Priority Tickets

The option of getting Skip the line Alhambra tickets is much simpler.

These options include an official tour guide, the entrance ticket for the Nasrid palaces and often more availability too.

Enjoy your visit with minimal fuss click below >

These options have the Alhambra Palace ticket and a Guided tour in English in a group.

*Skip the Line Alhambra Palace with Guided Tour

*Alhambra & Nasrid Palaces: Skip The Line + Guided Tour

*Alhambra Palace Guided Tour

UNESCO World Heritage

Granada City Pass

This option has the Alhambra Palace ticket, does NOT include a guided tour but does include Granada Cathedral, Tourist train & other monuments.

The Granada Card is like a City pass including the Alhambra. Please note that some of the items you may not actually use when you are in Granada.

The Alhambra Palace Walls Spain Blog

This option below has the Alhambra Palace ticket and Guided Tours from different tour companies.

You will be included in a Group tour with other visitors.

*See this Calendar to check availability of Alhambra with Guided Tour*



Alhambra tickets in Granada

Private Guided Tour

Should you wish to book a Private Guided Tour of the Alhambra or Guided Tour in a small group (max 12 people)

The difference is that the Private Alhambra Tour is an official Tour guide just for you. This can be arranged with entrance tickets or without if you already have your own tickets.

There is also the option of a Semi Private Tour which is a small group tour. (max 10-12 people)

Please contact me indicating dates and preferred times, so I can arrange an Official Alhambra Guide.

Request Private Guided Tour here

Alhambra Palace Metal Map Taquillas Main Entrance alambra granada

Daytrip from Malaga or Seville

If you prefer not to drive yourself you can visit the Alhambra palace from Malaga or Seville.

These services are organised  for a maximum of 17 passengers and include the guided tour, Alhambra palace tickets and minibus transport.

Book online one month ahead of the your tour date to guarantee your place.

Alhambra Palace

How to pick up Official Tickets

If you do manage to buy from the official Ticket website of the Patronato de la Alhambra. You can collect you ticket at the Alhambra ticket offices when you arrive. There is a window for people who have prepaid their tickets and usually no queue at all.

The Tienda Librería Alhambra in Plaza Nueva, a bookshop in Granada just up from Gran Vía no longer print out Alhambra tickets.

Corral de Carbon at Calle Reyes Catolicos now print Alhambra tickets. They are open until 7pm Monday to Friday.  (photo of Corral del Carbon below)

Please note that since the end of 2013 it is no longer possible to print your Alhambra tickets in Servicaixa cash machines outside of Andalusia. If you are in Andalusia you will be able to print out your tickets at any Servicaixa ATM.

the alhambra palace

Which type of Alhambra visit?

There are two options for planning your visit. Night time or daytime visit.

When you go to purchase online Alhambra tickets you need to take care when you select the ticket you are buying.

  • The Night time visit is to enter the Nazrid palaces only. This is includes the famous patio of the Lions.
  • The General day time ticket includes Alcazaba, Nazrid palace, generalife gardens and rest of the complex.
  • Generalife Garden visit refers to the Summer palace and it´s gardens. This visit is a great compliment once you have seen the rest of the monument. In spring and summer the fragrance from the plants and colors from the flowers are spectacular. This ticket only allows entry to the Gardens. You will not see the inside the palace, the Lions Courtyard or Nazari Palace on this ticket.

skip line Alhambra tickets Granada Spain

Entrance time on your ticket

*Really important information*
When you are heading to the Alhambra palace for your visit, it is very important to arrive earlier than the time printed on the ticket.

The time printed on the ticket is not the time to go in the Main entrance.It is the time which you have been allocated too visit a certain area of the monument. If you arrive at the Nasrid palace door later that the time printed on your ticket you will not be allowed entrance. They are not flexible on this point at all.

Take your ID

When you visit the Alhambra they may request (random check) your ID and your ticket. So make sure each visitor has their passport or I.D with them on the day of the visit.

Alhambra Palace Metal Map Taquillas Main Entrance alambra granada

Please note that the door for Nasrid Palace is quite a way from the Main entrance. You will need about 15 mins to get from the main entrance gates to the Palacio Nazaries. (you could get a little lost on route, so allow plenty of time)

From the Parador de Granada it takes about 10 mins from the hotel to Palacio Nazaries

Also remember to save your ticket after going into the Alhambra. You may need to show this on different doors further along the visit.

Generalife Garden Alhambra Granada by piccavey

The Full Alhambra visit

If you go for the whole day, wear comfy shoes or trainers. Along the route there are dusty tracks, cobbles, steps to climb and smooth marble floors. Please make sure you are prepared for the day, some parts of the visit are outside.

You may need to take a jumper/coat or sun cream and hat depending on the time of year.

I recommend the Audio guide for the daytime visit.

(for those who do not have a guided tour)

Following the numbers on this audio guided route ensures you take a logical path around the huge complex to prevent having to back track and walk further.

Visitors with reduced mobility

Take a taxi Palacio  Carlos V and just see the Palacio Nazaries. This is the heart of the Alhambra.

This visit will keep steps and long walks to a minimum.

Please note that pushchairs are not allowed inside the Nasrid Palace. You will need to leave the strollers at the security desk next to Palacio de Carlos V (Puerto del Vino) and collect it after.

The same applies to large rucksacks and Trolley suitcases.

Wheelchairs users have information on a map of a particular itinerary that they can follow to see most areas of the monument. When you arrive, please ask staff to show you the details.

The Alhambra Palace Walls Spain Blog

Food inside the Alhambra

To have lunch or dinner inside the alahambra palace complex, there are several options.

  • You may want to take your own food. This is not a problem, however you need to eat in one of the areas outside of the palaces. Benches in the gardens or one of the open spaces around the monument. Near to Carlos V or the Wine Gate are good areas. A packed lunch would be a good choice if you plan to be there all day or want to stick to a budget.
  • Restaurante El Mimbre or Jardines de Alberto. Both are reasonably priced but not inside the complex. They are located opposite the main entrance.
  • Hotel America is a small white building just up from Palacio Carlos V. They serve simple food in their courtyard.
  • Inside the Alhambra some sandwiches, baguettes and hot drinks are sold in a small hut next to the Alcazaba entrance on Plaza de los Aljibes.
  • Vending machines and the toilets are located close to Palacio Carlos V. This is in the centre of the Alhambra complex.
  • Parador de Granada. The restuarant is fabulous and overlooks the Generalife. It is the more pricey option but wonderful for a treat after all that walking about.
  • Café next to gift shop at the main entrance. Opposite the book shop close to the main entrance. There is a small café selling cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks with a few benches outside.

Palacio Carlos V Alhambra Palace

Getting to the Alhambra


  • If you want you can walk up the steep hill from Plaza Nueva. Take Cuesta Gomerez all the way up through the woods and you will go past the Hotel Washington Irving & then to the Ticket office and main entrance.

Granada Tourist Train

  • Small children and visitors spending longer in the city may enjoy the Tourist Train.
  • Prebook tickets online: Hop on Hop off Train Granada
  • This train goes to the Alhambra main entrance, but also includes Albaicin and other main points of interest on the route.

Tourist Train in Granada Spain Tren turistico


  • Take a C30 small red bus from Plaza Isabel la Catolica (ticket 1.40 euros)  just get on and pay the driver.
  • The main stop outside Ticket offices is the one most people will get off at. Driver always shouts ALHAMBRA TAQUILLAS or something similar.
  • To go to Carlos V Palace or Nasrid Palaces get off at the second stop (Puerta de la justicia) Only if you already have tickets in your hand.

Bus to the Alhambra Palace in Granada


  • A taxi will cost around 6 euros to go the the Alhambra ticket office (Final cost depends on where you are in the city) I think this is the best option, especially if there are two or more people.
  • The walk downhill is better after the visit, for a pleasant stroll.


  • Follow signposts to the Alhambra off the motorway. This will take you up past the cemetry and into the main visitor car park. This route will not take you through the old town of Granada.  The route is outside of Granada via motorway/dual carriageway.
  • Car park is close to the main entrance. Just up from the ticket offices.
  • Please note that when you have finished your visit you should pay the car park ticket before getting into your car. Pay at the machines in the car park. You need the ticket to be paid so you can leave the car park. Insert your paid card into the box at the barrier control once you are driving out of the car park.

Generalife - gardens in granada

More information about the Alhambra Palace:


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