After travel around for so many years, I realise have I lots of Packing Tips and Travel Hacks by now.

You may already know How I became a Travel Blogger  but I have never shared my packing tips and tricks.

I have put lots of them into this short video if you prefer not to read the tips.


Packing Tips & Travel Hacks

How I Pack a Carry On Suitcase

  • Use packing cubes to compact your clothes + fit more in
  • Roll garments if you don´t have packing cubes
  • Wear the most heavy/bulky shoes to travel out in
  • Take a Travel Scarf
  • Have your Cosmetic bag ready always so that you dont forget anything. This also saves time as its always ready. I always stock up when I return if things have run out or are running low. I have lots of useful things like plastic disposable cultery, cammomile tea, scissors (must check them in of course) so that this travel bag has me prepared for most eventualities.

Gladiator Carry on travel tips

  • Choose a lightweight semi rigid suitcase. I use Gladiator Grow Up. This case is Ok for low cost airlines to carry on into the cabin. Yet it has an expandable compartment to let the case expand for extra room. I tend to use this option on the return leg after buying souvenirs, local food etc and then I check in on the way home.
  • Pack your swimsuit, flip flops and suncream. Even in winter I always take a swimsuit in case there is a hotel spa or pool. Flip flops (jandals) can be useful too in case you need to shower somewhere outdoors or camping.
  • Colour match your clothes and accesories. If all the items can be mixed up and match then it makes getting dressed with limited amount of items much simpler.
  • Put all travel documents in a plastic sleeve, clear bag or wallet so you know where they are. Being chaotic with your travel documents can cause unecessary stress.
  • Cables and Electronics. I carry these all together in a clear zip up bag. Its handy to have them visible in case you need to get at them while delayed or en route.
  • Check your travel schedule while packing. If you have activities they may indicate special footwear or clothing is required. Looking over your itinerary may remind you of something you need to pop into your suitcase.

Packing tips by a travelblogger

24 Reasons to Travel with a Scarf

For years a light scarf has been part of my travel kit. I didnt realise at first how useful it actually could be.

This tends to be a large, long length fine cotton scarf in a rectangular shape. I have quite a few of them but my favourite one is this pastel green one in the photo below.

Here are all 24 uses for a Scarf:

  1. To use as a Swim cover up (pool or beach)
  2. Roll up, use as a pillow.
  3. Cover your head/shoulders at a religious site
  4. To accesorise when you have few clothes on your travels
  5. Cover up your legs or arms when the sun gets too hot
  6. Wrap up when you didn´t pack warm enough clothes
  7. Use to cover you nose if there are unpleasant smells or lots of dust.
  8. Pack around fragile items to cushion your luggage
  9. Can be used to tie something up (e.g connect your suitcase to rucksack)
  10. Lay out as a blanket on, e.g on sand or grass
  11. Cover a stain when you are out and about
  12. Wearing white jeans, put the shawl down first when you sit down. (Keeps them cleaner longer)
  13. Wrap around to make an improvised skirt
  14. Cover things you dont want to be seen. (e.g luggage in a parked car.)
  15. Lay across your legs as a light inflight blanket
  16. Use it to hide behind as you change (swimwear on a beach?)
  17. Gather the ends or the corners + tie it up to carry things.
  18. Use as a tablecloth
  19. Can be used as a curtain to block the sun (annoying gap in hotel curtains?)
  20. Cover your face from the wind or elements. Put over your mouth and nose in a Sandstorm or strong winds.
  21. Use as a sling or torniquet for First Aid
  22. In very hot temperatures, wet the scarf and put it on the back of the neck to cool body temperature down
  23. Use to cover a childs buggy or pram for them to sleep or keep out of the sun.
  24. Fly it in the wind behind you for amazing Instagram photos ; )

packing tips scarf travel

You may have some of your own packing tips to share too?