Mirador & Best Alhambra Views

The Mirador of San Nicolas is one of those must see locations in Granada. The views of the Alhambra palace, the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountains can all be seen from this overlook.

It is one of the most captivating views to be found in Spain. I have been up to the Mirador de San Nicolas in all seasons and seen it at different times of the day.

All of my photos are the same but different as the light changes. Angles and seasons vary.  This first photo was taken from the Mirador of San Nicolas itself. The most popular viewpoint with visitors and locals.

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Mirador de San Nicolas

Trying to get a space on the wall to take your photo can sometimes be a real challenge. You have a similar vantage point from some of the restaurants around the Mirador de San Nicolas. Carmen de Aben Humeya, Carmen de las Tomasas, Mirador de Morayma and Huerto de Juan Ranas all have a similar view.

Best Views in Granada

Getting to the Mirador

To get to the Mirador de San Nicolas from the city. You can walk up the cobbled Albaicin streets from Calle Elvira or Plaza Nueva. Another option would be to take one of the buses from Gran Via.  Such as Bus C32.  The driver will indicate which stop you need to get off at.

The bus ride can be pretty bumpy as you go up the hill with twists and turns along the cobbled narrow roads. Great fun. It´s 1.40 euro per person, pay when you get on.

A taxi from the city centre will cost you about 5 euros depending on the exact journey. If you want to go up by car, or drive anywhere around this town in fact, used smart cars are ideal. The streets are so narrow you’ll need a small car. If you get a used one you won´t be so precious with it as you whizz along the bumpy cobbled roads. It’s very difficult to find parking in this area but these little cars seem to fit in anywhere.

Paseo de los Tristes Granada Spain Carrera del Darro Hotel Reuma

From the Albaicin

Further down the hill you can see a different angle of this view of the Alhambra. This photo was taken from the end Carrera del Darro, known as Paseo de los Tristes. This made a good angle to get this shot.

Alhambra seen from Albayzin

Golden Hour

This photo was taken from the Calle Bañuelo. A little higher up from Carrera del Darro. Of couse the beautiful golden light at sundown makes an impact too. Painting the Alhambra towers gold as the sunsets.

If you are thinking of visiting Granada seeing the Alhambra palace on the inside is a must.

Remember to book tickets ahead of time.

Carmen de la Victoria View

Cuesta del Chapiz

This magical photo was taken at Sunset from the Carmen de la Victoria. This University building on Cuesta del Chapiz at the foot of the Albaicin. The Torre de la Vela is clearly visible, it’s silhouette seems to look down onto the city of Granada.

And even at night the magic doesn’t fade.

This image was taken directly below the Alhambra. I was walking along Paseo de los tristes towards Plaza Nueva.

Alhambra Palace in granada

Hotels with Alhambra Views

There are some hotels that have good views to the Alhambra palace too.

Here are a few that I have selected for their great location and good views of the Red Fortress

Mezquita Mayor Granada Mosque

Miradors in Granada

    • El Mirador de San Nicolás – At the heart of the Albaicin and the most known lookout.
    • Mirador de los Carvajales – a small square called Placeta Carvajales, close to Calle Calderería & teahouses
    • Mirador de Santa Isabel la Real – At the convent Santa Isabel la Real in the Albaicin quarter.
    • El Mirador de San Cristóbal – located up in the Albaicin quarter, on the main road. Next to Iglesia San Cristóbal. probably my favourite view.

  • Mirador de Granada – Up on the main road towards the Alhambra car park.
  • El Mirador de San Miguel Alto – the highest overlook in Granada. Its a jaunt uphill but the views are panoramic.
  • Balcony from Manuel de Falla Auditorio – This looks out over the city from the car park next to Carmen de los Martires but is often closed to the public.
  • El ojo de Granada – The eye of Granada is just off Carril de la Lona and gives you a panaramic city view.
  • Abadia de Sacromonte – At the very end of the Camino del Sacromonte at Abbey car park is a good perspective from high above the city. You can see the Alhambra from here but not the Sierra Nevada.

Granada City Sunset in Spain

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