Just before Christmas I was invited to be interviewed by The Expat Chat this podcast is all about expat life and travel.

Based in Austalia this podcast and magazine share the stories of others.

People who live their dream life overseas for a fraction of the cost.

This series of interviews has many different accounts on expat life, nomadic travellers or families moving to other countries.

It´s a great resource for anyone wanting to live abroad or get a fresh perspective on travel.

Perhaps you are thinking about moving abroad or even coming to live in Granada, Spain

This interview may provide some guidance or advice.

Expat Life in Granada

In this interview I was keen to share an honest account of my move from UK to Spain and give a practical approach to moving to Spain.

I talk about Barcelona, I was living there permanently from 1998 until 2006. Also about moving to Spain, Life in Granada and Andalusia. Culture Shock gets mentioned as well Learning Spanish, studying in Granada and adjusting to the Spanish lifestyle.

I was working full time in Barcelona and also in Granada. My experience over the past 20 years may give some insight into life as an expat abroad. Some of the tips may also work for new expats. At the beginning the move can be overwhelming. Not speaking the language can be frustrating sometimes too.



Remember this post?  Questions about Living abroad where I answer readers questions.

This may be useful for things we didnt cover in this chat.

Expat life in Granada Spain Expat Chat

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