In case of an Emergency Granada Spain here are some tips and advice

When visitors are planning their trip to Granada they often ask me about the safety in the city.

Granada has a population of 232 770 (2017) and it´s located in Andalusia, Southern Spain.


Coping with an Emergency Granada

Like anywhere with tourists, some parts of the city can be attractive to pickpockets.
In Barcelona, which was my home until 2006, pickpockets were rife. (particularly around Las Ramblas) Granada is much calmer in that respect. However there are pickpockets around, just remember that they are are opportunists. We should not make life easy for them when we visit the Alhambra or stay in Granada.

I checked the local information and there are on average 10 arrests per day in Granada, the number in nearby Malaga is around 40 per day. Barcelona can have over 200 per day, although they are working hard to reduce those numbers.

Some hotspots in Granada are:

  • Alhambra Woods. The slopes that lead up from Plaza Nueva to the Alhambra palace complex. e.g Cuesta Gomerez.
  • Granada Bus Station. As this is in the Northern area of the city, you will need to be cautious. Typically people can be found hanging around the entrances and corridors of the bus terminal. (Neighbourhoods around the North of the city are known crime hotspots) As a tourist you are unlikely to see this area. The only two things you may need are the bus station or the Corpus Fair ground in June.
  • The narrow Albaicin streets around the Mirador San Nicolas and above Paseo de los Tristes.

Popular tourist attractions like Plaza Nueva, Calle Elvira, Plaza Bib Rambla and Calle Navas.

Even though these are the most common places that are targeted, any busy bars would be a great place for a pickpocket to operate. Petty crime tends to increase in large crowds and busy places. The Easter processions and the Crosses of May festival are great examples.
As in any city please be careful with your belongings when you are out and about.

You are perfectly safe to walk around these places but be cautious. Make sure you know where you are going and don´t wave your expensive camera equipment or jewellery around…

A popular trick in restaurants is for someone to come in handing out leaflets. They quickly cover your smartphone or wallet with the leaflet. As you are taking the leaflet from them they take the phone or your purse and leave very quickly)
I have seen this happen myself and didn´t realise what had happened for a while afterwards.

Emergency Granada

If you are robbed in Granada.

Here´s what to do:

If the worst should happen, you need to report this at the local police station.
The police report is called a Denuncia. This will be useful when you claiming from your travel insurance.
How to get to Granada Police station:

Address: C/ La Palmita, 1
18014 – Granada
Tel.: 958 808000

This is located not far from Granada bus station.
To get there on Public transport.

Or you can take a Taxi. The cost will be around 8 to 10 euros depending where you take it from


Official Spanish: Police website

If you are on Costa Tropical the nearest one is Motril:

Comisaría Local de Motril
C/ Aguas del Hospital s/n
18600 – Motril (Granada)
Tel.: 958834875

Over the years of living in Spain I have been with several of my friends to several Police stations.

Unbelievably on one occasion in Barcelona I managed to recover my friend’s possessions a few days after the incident. She had been robbed in Plaza Catalunya. They took her bag with designer reading glasses, camera, wallet and a few other items. I managed to get it all back. Everything intact and clean (except the cash of course) This can often happen as the pickpockets only want the cash and don´t want to have any incriminating proof on them. The throw the contents in the rubbish bins in the street.

The bin men in Barcelona know this and often hand over these goods to the Police. (Often they end up at the Police station in Nou de la Rambla) which is where I found my friends belongings.

Granada Emergency Spai

Other things to consider:

Credit cards/ Bank cards
Call your banks immediately and cancel your cards.

Make sure you take a note of who you are speaking to or a confirmation number for the call. You may need to take note of the time and date that you reported the card missing too for future reference for your bank.

Emergency telephone numbers:
In the UK we dial 999 for all emergencies in the USA they use 911.

In Spain for an emergency dial 112

Useful Emergency Granada numbers
• Policia Local Granada 092
• Guardia Civil 062
• British Consulate in Spain 902 109 356   They are set up to be able to deal with calls in several languages: English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and German.

Lost passport
If you’ve had the misfortune of losing your passport, having a police report could prove useful.

Check out this website from Brits in Spain for more information on how to get a temporary Passport, or an Emergency Travel Document.

I always carry with me a photocopy of my passport when I travel, instead of carrying the original with me. Another thing I always have is a scan of my Passport in my email account so that I could email this if necessary.

Emergency Granada Spain Safety in Andalusia Alhambra

Health Emergency in Granada

Find out here about Healthcare and obtaining an EHIC Card for European travel. You must carry this at all times with you.

In a Health Emergency call the Ambulance service in Spain: 061

Of course if you dial 112 they will also send an ambulance.
If you experience Illness on holiday or require First aid you will need your EHIC card or other healthcare cover. You can head to the nearest hospital or clinic. In some cases the nearest Pharmacy may even be able to help (depending on the situation)

I actually had this happen to me recently. Someone visiting me felt ill and we went to see a doctor. My UK visitor didn´t have the EHIC to hand. If we wanted the treatment we had to pay. The cost for the consultation was about 100 euros. A partial refund of the amount was refunded back in the UK. If this happens you can present a claim for reimbursement when getting home.

Of course it prevention is always better than a cure, here´s an article I wrote about keeping safe in the Granada Heat.

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Emergency Granada

Other tips before you travel

  • Take out travel insurance.
  • Avoid using Laptop or camera bags with the Brand logos on the outside, giving clues to what´s inside.
  • Scan important documents such as your Passport or driving license and send them to your email account
  • Keep your cash in separate places, rather than the whole amount together in the same place.
  • Store some of your cash in your PayPal account or other online services.
  • Don´t leave your smartphones or gadgets on tables, they can quickly be snatched. Do not flash gadgets or valuables around too much.
  • If your smartphone is stolen, you will need to call your phone company to stop anyone else using it. Before you travel write down your IMEI number. To get this use *#06# (without pressing dial) Your IMEI number will appear on screen.
  • As gold prices have increased recently it is more common for gold to be a target. As there are many shops locally where they can trade in for cash quickly, this is something to keep in mind. Please be careful of wearing weighty gold jewellery.
  • Try not to wave your guidebook or city map around a lot. Also speaking loud in your own language  gives them clues. Pickpockets can easily pick out the tourists from the locals that way.

Do you have any tips to add about Healthcare or keeping safe while travelling?

I hope these Emergency Granada tips come in handy to plan your trip.