Today I thought I would take a look at Spanish property, one of the subjects I get most questions about.

  • Where should I buy a house in Spain?
  • When is the best moment to buy a Spanish property?

So here are my top tips about moving to Spain. I hope some of these pointers help you to find the right property for you.

Since moving to Spain in 1998 bought a property in Barcelona, then sold it 8 years later. Soon after that I purchased an apartment in Granada, Spain. I am speaking from personal experience here.Hospes Los Patos Main course

Also you´ll see below there is a great little competition where you could win Dinner for two in Michelin starred restaurant in Spain.

Spanish Property Checklist

Spanish property Checklist

  • Make friends with the locals. Life will flow far easier if you interact on a basic level with the local community. Whether it be a school, neighbours or a local business. It may take a while but it will be worth it. Just a quick ´Hola´ each morning may make a difference! It´s qite usual that the Spanish are looking to speak english to practise a little, so you may come across a language exchange buddy without even trying.
  • Get professional advice: Make sure that you know the area where you want to settle down. Make sure that all licenses and Spanish paperwork is in order to avoid nasty surprises in the future. Get legal documents translated professionally so that you understand all the small print. Look at the town or village in all seasons. Things can change dramatically depending on the time of year. Some places are lively in summertime but practically a ghost time in the winter. Other places are similar all year around. The weather can be dramatic in Spain too. Look at information on flooding, earthquakes, snowfall etc. Yes, all of these things happen in Spain. Getting professional help is the best way to avoid paperwork and tax problems.
  • Lifestyle. Choosing Spanish property which fits with your lifestyle is critical. Base your decision on real things that you actually now do rather than an idea you may have for the future. Generally people don´t change radically when they move abroad. For example if I meet a person who is used to a fast city lifestyle who talks about buying a run down shack in the middle of the Andalusian countryside. I can read all kinds of warning signs immediately. I am thinking, how long will it take him to get to the airport? How on earth will he get a good Internet connection? There are always places that fit each buyer, but it takes time and patience to work on the search. Not just jumping at the first home that comes onto the market in a place where you take your 10 day summer holiday.  The intial honeymoon period will always be thrilling and exciting, but think about your  vision for this property on an average cloudy morning in February.
  • Explore the country. Spain is a huge country. Explore the different regions. Discover the difference between Asturias in the North and Cadiz in the South for example. There is so much to see and discover. It seems the longer I live in Spain the more I found out that there is to see. The Spanish are generally a friendly bunch but the different accents and social norms wary from location to location. There will be places that you feel more at home than others. Choosing a Spanish property is something that will have a long term impact so the decision should be made carefully.
  • Learn Spanish. Yes I know…boring… This maybe an obvious tip. But when you have a problem knowing what people are saying to you is invaluable. Misunderstandings can cause uncessary stress if words are lost in translation. It can could also cost you a lot of money too.

Aliseda Spanish property home competition

Win a Michelin Starred Dinner with Aliseda

So talking about learning Spanish, I have a little challenge for you:
In the video below you can see a couple looking to buy a new home with Aliseda Inmobiliaria
How would you like the story to end?
  1. The Estate Agent finds out that the husband speaks Spanish
  2. The woman signs the contract and her husband signs it even though he doesn’t understand the document
  3. The husband asks the Estate agent for a list of the beach bars nearby

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