You may have already heard of The Next Big thing. Here´s my contribution to this huge online project.

Caroline Angus Baker, the lovely author of ‘Blood in the Valencian Soil’ asked me to take part in this project. It consists in writers doing a blog post about their current project. The Next Big Thing. Then they pass the baton onto other writers or bloggers.  Always linking back to the person that got them involved initially.

So before I tell you all what I’m doing, here’s a bit about Caroline Angus Baker, an author and blogger, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. After publishing a book on depression, Night Wants to Forget, in 2011, she has now turned to writing about her first love and second home, Valencia in Spain.

The first book in the ‘Secrets of Spain’ series, Blood in the Valencian Soil, has just been released, and the second novel, Unrestrained Vengeance, is due out in 2013.  Visit her website:-

So now the baton has been passed onto me:Next Big Thing

■ What is the working title of your project?

My current writing project is my blog

This name was chosen as its my surname. There aren’t many Piccavey´s around. Thinking it would be a unique name for the site.

■ Where did the idea come from for the blog?

People began asking me about Granada, the city in Southern Spain where I live. Also about Barcelona as I lived there for 9 years too. Many friends wanted information to travel here, tips of places to visit and some Spanish people also asked me for travel tips for other parts of Spain and U.K. Initially I had word documents that I sent out with London tips, Granada information etc. After a while I found it easier to put all that information together on a blog. It was easier to share and update.

■ What is the one-sentence synopsis of your blog?

Molly´s Expat life in Andalusia with notes on Spanish culture.

How often do you blog?

■ How long do you spend writing posts for your blog?

Since beginning in April this year I have written over 80 posts on my blog, so that works out at a dozen posts per month, posting twice a week roughly. I can spend anywhere between 10-20 hours a week on my blog depending on how much time there is available. This time is spent Writing, researching themes for future posts and tweaking the tech side of things (that´s my least favourite part) on the site. I currently have 30+ ideas in draft for future posts.

■ What books would you compare to your blog?

There are quite a few books that fit in with the feel of my blog. The Hand of Fatima by Idlefons Falcones which is set around Andalusia generally and has a lot of historic fact in the novel. Driving over lemons by Chris Stewart and his other books are non fiction and I really relate to them. They are peppered with the kind of local characters which I often see around Granada myself.Next Big Thing

■Who or What inspires you to write?

Often the photos I take inspire me. They lead me to writing as I want to explain the picture I have taken in more depth. Explaining the setting and the situation. Other people inspire me to write too, reading other blogs often gives me a different perspective on the same trip. Often I meet interesting people in Spain who give me detailed insights into Spanish culture or historic information. I have this wish to try to get that fantastic information out there in English to as many readers as possible. Some of this information isn´t online currently at all, not even in Spanish language.

Expat Life in Spain

■What else about your writing might pique the reader’s interest?

Some of my readers enjoy the insight into Spanish customs and may even be getting together information about Expat life here to prepare themselves for moving to Spain. I really try to add a lot of detail to the information I put onto my blog, to ensure that the reader has very clear information. I try to add a lot of pictures illustrating the text and keep short posts (usually 500-800 words) I have a full-time job in a Spanish company. I also travel within Spain so I think I have a fair idea about the country and its people. Particularly Andalusia and Catalonia.

Field of Olives in Jaen Sierra Magina

Well, that’s me done for then, so here are the future starlets to whom I’m passing on The Next Big Thing baton!!!

The Next Big Thing

Dave Bull has been living and working in Spain since 2000 and nowadays when he can be bothered he tends to write about his experiences and observations on living life as an expat in Spain. Always from his own ‘different’ perspective, he publishes one of the most successful magazines on the Costa Blanca.

Have a read and a laugh about Dave’s experiences at the hands of the Spanish and revealing in his own unique style just what some of us expats get up to in Spain.

Rachel Webb moved to rural Jaén, Andalucia in 1996 with her husband and two small children. Now three sons later, all of whom are bigger and speak better Spanish than her. She lives amongst olive trees and teaches English, writes a website and blog about Andalucia, blogs about camping in Spain as well as looking after her holiday home Casa Rural El Reguelo.

Natasha Phillips is an artist and illustrator who lived in Oxforshire and Devon before moving to Granada, Andalusia, in 2008. She finds never-ending inspiration in the beautiful city in which she lives, as is easy to see in a lot of her recent work. She is the illustrator of the quirky travel autobiography The Cats of the River Darro and is currently working on a new illustrated storybook, also set in Granada.

So what is going to be your Next Big Thing ?