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Etxart Panno Spanish Shoe Brands

Spain shoe brands are one of the countries main exports. (As well as Spanish food & wine). Spanish shoes are made with soft leather, they are comfortable and usually long lasting. As a confessed shoe addict I thought I´d share

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Granada shopping in spain

Despite loving Shopping in Spain and Spanish ShoesI just realised I have barely written about these things. If you are anything like me part of the incentive to travel or visit anywhere is the shopping. Quirky Souvenirs , yummy local food or great clothing

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Spanish Fashion designer Shoes Karolina Fresneda

Think of Granada, Spain. No doubt you´ll imagine of the view across to the Alhambra palace, some delicious Spanish tapas or maybe the quaint streets of the Albayzin quarter. You may not think of Granada as a fashion hub but

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