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Face Masks in Granada Andalucia Spain

Living in Granada for so many years. Being in touch with local life and happenings. I´ve noticed things that happen, that only seem possible here in Granada. Locals often say things like Solo pasa aquí (this only happens round here)

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Mini Hamburger in Granada

Gourmet Burger Favourites Gourmet Burger options have been appearing more and more in Gastrobars and restaurants in Granada. Alongside more traditional Andalusian dishes on the menu I have been checking out what is so special about these burgers.Here´s a selection of

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Salad Negro Carbon Restaurants in Granada

Walking and sightseeing in Granada is hungry work. Don´t miss out on great food while you are in the city. Finding Restaurants in Granada can be tricky in the main tourist areas. City centre streets are packed with bars and eateries,

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