flamenco dress
View of Granada Crosses Flamenco Festival

The traditional flamenco dress is mainly worn at Andalusian Festivals. The Spanish are a lively lot and enjoy celebrating at parties, fiestas, ferias and even some weddings. The main festivals in Andalusia concentrate around Spring and Summer. I’ve visited quite

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Spanish Fashion designer Shoes Karolina Fresneda

Think of Granada, Spain. No doubt you´ll imagine of the view across to the Alhambra palace, some delicious Spanish tapas or maybe the quaint streets of the Albayzin quarter. You may not think of Granada as a fashion hub but

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Flamenco with children in Granada

Authentic Flamenco Shows One of the most well known attractions in Granada are the Sacromonte caves and the Flamenco shows that can be enjoyed all along that road. Since the end of the 17th century Flamenco has been popular in Granada and

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