Flamenco dancer
Generalife Sunset Alhambra FEX Festival

The Origin of Flamenco While the origins of Flamenco Music and dance are not entirely documented. There is a clear thread from the 18th century onwards. Although the true beginning of Flamenco is much older. The art of flamenco is

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View of Granada Crosses Flamenco Festival

Summer Flamenco in Granada Over the summer there are lots Flamenco in Granada dates. Musical performances, dance festivals and cultural events to see. As well as the Festival International de Musica + Danza in the Alhambra there are other lesser

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Performance at Templo del Flamenco

The second Flamenco novel from British author Cherry Radford has landed. After reading the debut novel Men Dancing. I´ve followed on by reading the sequel Flamenco baby  As this second novel is set in Granada, it was a must read

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