Alcudia Mallorca Spain Blog

Expat life in Spain can be an adventure and a new start. After the intial settling in period, the novelty of life abroad may wane. When the daily routine sets in, things may seen more challenging. From Spain Visa & Residency

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Aubergines with Honey Cordoba Food in Spain

 Where to Eat: Cordoba, Spain Cordoba is such a pretty city. Having visited many times since 2006 I now take a closer look at Cordoba Restaurants and its local Food. This time to discover Cordoba more in depth. I specifically visited

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Andalusia Cabo de Gata by piccavey

Andalusia, the region in Southern Spain has now been home for me for many years. I am lucky to be able to enjoy amazing beaches and cities full of history right my doorstep. This area has many traditional festivals and

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