Very often we think of cities in a particular way. Maybe a memory of things we see on TV or a quick visit to a major city for business or a shopping outing. Yet if we look at sporting culture, major cities take on a different identity. You have probably heard of Barcelona, more through football than for it´s busy International port or even it´s political situation.

Liverpool you will have heard of through football, rather than it being home of the Beatles. Everyone has heard of the Lakers, without having been to LA. Some cities like these take on a new image due to it´s sport stars and impressive stadiums. Merging these new perspectives sometimes with history monuments, create new tourism destinations for true sports fans.

Piazza Duomo Milan Cathedral

Milan, Italy

In Italy, the Capital, Rome is the political centre of the country, Naples in the South has much of the import/export market and Milan has the majority of the financial service output. As well as the capital of fashion. Yet it’s also the home of two major football teams. A.C Milan is one of the most recognized teams in football. Not only due to rivalry with Manchester United, Munich and Juventus. It´s also because of the level of players they have had over the years. Some of the worlds best footballers played for Milan. The current favorite being Zlatan Ibrahimović of course.

Milan is one of the few cities in Italy with original Gothic architecture. The jewel in the crown is the Duomo di Milano cathedral. Clearly the best attraction as millions of people visit the Cathedral every year. Teatro alla Scala opera house is also another popular attractions, not just for its concerts but also for the grand building too.

Bosco Verticale Milan Italy Vertical Garden

Los Angeles, USA

LA is well known for it’s basketball team, the Lakers. All though recently with the loss of Kobe Bryant, one of the teams best players. The city has tried to uplift its fans and keep up a strong team spirit. Clearly a challenging period for the Lakers yet they seem to be bouncing back from the adversity well.

Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

The iconic purple and yellow kits are known by sport fans around the world. The Lakers have the biggest NBA branding, many people from outside of America recognise their team colours and logo, quite like Manchester United in the soccer world.

Photo by Ramiro Pianarosa on Unsplash

Los Angeles is not all about the Lakers. It´s also a vibrant city with warm sunshine, beaches and Hollywood. L.A is also where many new wine vineyards begin. With surrounding countryside and open space. The great outdoors around L.A are home to wildlife too. Moose, elk, deer, wolves and even golden eagles can be seen in the parks around the urban areas. Malibu State Park is not so far away and a great place to connect with nature.

Spartak, Russia

Spartak is one Russia most successful football team. Created in the old days of the USSR but has evolved into the new Federation period. Although eras have changed but the people are still the same, so passionate about the game.  Spartak FC is known for its fast paced style and bright red strip. Usually the stadium is rowdy with local fans bringing red smoke flares and large drums to animate the teams songs.

Photo by Alexander Awerin on Unsplash


Moscow´s is an attractive destination not only for the football but also for its unique architecture. Most of the buildings in Spartak about 200-300 years old. Examples like the Church of the Resurrection. The Cathedral of St. Basil was first opened in 1561 and is an iconic symbol of the city. Known as the heart of Moscow, it brings in millions of visitors each year. Moscow is a beautiful city which has plenty to offer sports fans if they visit to sightseeing and catch a game too.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Three cities with world best sporting teams, amazing architecture and atmosphere.

  • Milan with Italian gothic architecture.
  • Spartak Moscow for a vibrant stadium atmosphere
  • Los Angeles Lakers one of the best basketball game experiences for your bucket list.