I love shoes. But love to choose spain shoe brands. If they are made from soft Spanish leather then I love them even more. Something I have realised about travel (or a even a long day in the office for that matter) is that if your shoes aren´t right then the day doesn´t go well.

I remember moving from Barcelona to Granada and realising that my footwear was all wrong. I would now negotiate slippery polished marble floors, spiky cobbled streets and have furnace hot summers to deal with. It´s amazing what a difference your shoes can make.

So initially in Granada I had a few scrapes and blisters to deal with. A few years on now I know the brands that work here. I have stuck to the same Spain shoe brands over and over again.

The photo above is me in a pair a suede sandals by Bimba & Lola (super comfy) climbing up hills above Montefrio. I didn´t realise that we were going hiking. This shoe scandal incident was reported in local press.

Here are 6 of my favourites, 4 of them are Made in Spain


Four spain shoe brands to seek out

Panama Jack Boots – Made in Spain

Good for Hiking, Walking long distances and cold weather

 These blue beauties are my newest adquisition. I travelled to USA this Autumn on holiday and knew the walking each day was going to require more than my everyday shoes.

They kept my feet warm and dry. The photo above is taken at Harvard University On a rainy October day.

Now I am back in Spain I will use these boots for my days in the Alpujarra and Lecrin Valley. Also for cold Winter weekends in Granada with my jeans.

UNISA Winter Boots – Made in Spain

Good for looking smart in cold weather

On the photo at the top of this post I am wearing these Smart black boots (picture taken at the entrance to the Shoe Galleries in Selfridges,London.) They have a black fur cuff (like a leg warmer) around the top, you can fold this down over the calf or leave up. The boot can be an ankle boot with fur trim or a tall plain leather boot with the fur on the inside for extra warmth.

This was one of my shopping trips to London. Walking around Camden Lock in cold December weather was a good test for these boots. The soles are quite rugged and non slip.
I got these 2 years ago and will get a lot of wear out of them still.

Spain Shoe Brands

Lodi Wedding Shoes – Made in Spain

Good for medium heel height, comfort yet elegant.

Whenever I am invited to a Spanish wedding I know that I need a shoe strategy. Spanish weddings usually are 24 hour affairs. The last one I went to I left my house around 11.30am and didn’t get home until 5am the next day. Of my group I was the first to leave…

So I always go to weddings, special events or parties in my Lodi shoes. I like them as they have sparkly dressy shoes with medium heel heights and sometimes with a hidden platform. They look elegant but don´t hurt at all. I also have some plain black ones for work too. One of the more popular Spain shoe brands they are made in Alicante.

Chie Mihara Shoes – Made in Spain

Good for anything and everything.

Chie Mihara, this Japanese-Brasilian designer has her factory is based Alicante, Spain. Her shoes remind me of little girls shoes decades ago. They have a vintage feel to them and her designs are clearly distinctive.
Many of her shoes are Mary Jane style but I also have court shoes and ankle boots too.

In Elda, Alicante they have a small factory shop. You can find her stock there with generous reductions, if you are ever around that area. I currently have 5 or 6 pairs of Chie Mihara shoes. They are so comfortable and I love that you don’t see too many people in them.

This is one of the most innovative Spain shoe brands, a new line has just been introduced called ChiE which are high heels with incorporated padding for extra comfort.

Not too long ago I had endless boxes of shoes and boots. I have now changed slightly. I prefer to have less pairs of shoes but better quality. They tend to last longer too. I also look after them with regular trips to the cobbler.
In Granada with the cobbled streets the cobblers have a healthy business. (The heel caps are often damaged between the cobbles)

GEOX Sandals – Made in Italy

Good for hot weather and walking.

While on a Summer city break in Cordoba I had a shoe crisis. It was 43ºC or something like that and my feet hurt. So I popped in the GEOX shop and bought these flat sandals. Anyone who knows me will know it was a crisis as I don´t do flat shoes.
Anyway I was Very impressed with these soft leather sandals.

This photo above is taken in the (probably) smallest Street in the world. La Calleja del Pañuelo which is just 50 cms wide at that point.The breathable sole helped with the intense Andalusia heat. I now have two or three other pairs of Geox Summer shoes. These are great for my hometown of Granada which also has very hot summer days. (the white sandals are also GEOX above)
These Navy sandals are made of leather and all my GEOX sandals have lasted me several seasons.

Lecrin Valley

Salvatore Ferragamo Heels – Made in Italy

Good for High level meetings, Job Interviews and Winter weddings.

My Shiny black Heels. These shoes are great for work, conferences and interviews. I had these for a Christmas present a few years ago. I had these shoes recommended to me by a friend. They look high, tottery and uncomfortable but they are not.
These are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own. They are also good to use for Weddings that are out of season too. It’s often difficult to choose shoes for October Christenings and weddings.
I now want another pair of these in red but I’ll have to be patient as they are not on sale at the moment.

spain shoe brands

This is my own personal experience in shoes and travel. There are still a few other Spain shoe brands which I haven’t mentioned. And quite a few anecdotes for that matter.

Shoes.. One of my passions, I could write for days…

Do you have a shoe crisis, sandal scandal or broken heel incident to share?
Tell me in the comments below…..