50 Spain Books

A list of Spain Books for all those who love Spanish food, history and culture. I am often asked for reading recommendations about Spain themes. As I read quite a lot myself, I thought I´ve created a list of Spain Books that I are worth reading.

In this selection there is something for everyone. Civil war stories, romantic novels, cooking books and humorous expat tales. It´s not a definitive list. There are hundreds of titles out there. These are some of my personal favourites and books that may not be as well known too.

One of them, Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada, I have even met the author.

Cicerone Guidebook Walking Sierra Nevada Richard Hartley

Spanish Civil War Books

Cicerone Guidebook Walking Sierra Nevada Richard Hartley (5)

Practical Spain Books

Granada weekend

Flamenco Themed Books

Puente Nuevo Ronda Spain

Spanish Classics

Authentic Spain Food

Food & Cooking in Spain Books

Field of Olives in Jaen Sierra Magina

Granada Themed Books

Books set in Southern Spain

Washingon Irving Tales of Alhambra

Books set in Southern Spain

Federico Garcia Lorca Spanish Poet

Barcelona & Catalonia Themed Books

Spanish Cruise Palma Barcelona

Spain Books by British Writers

Madrid Plaza Mayor Spain Books

Page Turners with Spanish Themes

50 Spain Books by piccavey

I´m sure that in this Spain books list yet one of your favourite titles could have been missed.

Let me know in the comments below as I may need to add it to my reading list…

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