On the Spain blog this week, instead of writing (it´s too hot…that´s my excuse anyway) it´s your turn to write!

I am collecting testimonials Spain about Piccavey.com.

Your Testimonials Spain Blog

Your comments

So I am keen to hear your comments and experiences.

I´d love to know over the past years since I´ve been running this blog what impact it has had for my readers.

  • Did I recommend a lovely hotel for you?
  • Maybe I suggested the perfect meal for your Spain holiday?
  • Perhaps I introduced you to someone locally through my professional network?
  • Or maybe I gave your business a rave review?
  • Perhaps you attended one of my Social Media Workshops or conferences?
  • We might have even collaborated on a blog trip or guest post.
  • Or you enjoyed my Food Tour when you visited Granada?

Seville hotel Spain blog

Andalusia & Spain blog

To make this quick and easy for you, I’ve included some questions to prompt your comments.

As you can see, I am interested in what your experiences were and what the benefits were to you.

As a follower or blog reader or perhaps while collaborating with me.

Just type the answers below the questions or, if you prefer, write your own testimonial by running a few of the questions together.

Torre del Oro in Seville by piccavey July 2018

Questions for you

  • What information were you looking for when you found the Spain blog Piccavey.com?
  • How did reading the information benefit you?
  • Do you enjoy piccavey´s Twitter, Instagram, facebook, Pinterest accounts?
  • Why should others consider this blog the future?
  • How does Piccavey.com help your business or project?
  • What posts would you like to see in the future on this website?

Piccavey - Life in Granada Spain

You may have even been inspired to begin you own blog or a new life abroad.

Whatever it is would love to hear from you!  (in all languages….en cualquier idioma)

I hope that this insight will help me to continue to improve and entertain from my little corner of Spain.
Leave your testimonials Spain blog in the comments below.

Muchísimas gracias