100th post my Spain blog

my Spain blog was launched in Spring 2012 I have written 99 individual posts on this site.

I have also written quite a lot of Spain articles (more than 80) for other websites and blogs. (Full list here: Collaborations)

So this post is an important milestone. Post No. 100.

100 post

Here is a review of the 10 most popular posts on my blog. The posts that you have read & shared the most.

It is also a great recap in case you missed any of them first time round.


Here are the posts with the most readers In reverse order:                                                                                                         (recount at the end Feb 2013)



10. With over 1100 visits Tips for Looking for a job as an Expat? was a popular post.

9. In 2012 for several months I compiled an agenda of activities in Granada in English. The November agenda was very popular. Granada Agenda

8. My Expat Survival guide  is quite a new post but has already had 1200 views. Tips for Expats in Spain.  I really enjoyed writing this one!

7. A Spanish Foodie glossary – Pintxos, Tapas & Raciones  clears up the confusion between tapas and raciones so you order the correct amount when in Spain. There are also some delicious looking photos on this post.

Love this suitcase piccavey.com

6.A travel interview called My life in travel is a short piece about my ideas on travelling.

5. Late in 2012 the city of Granada approved a Square in the city to be named after Clash rocker Joe strummer  . Over 1500 people have read the post up to now.

4. A guide for Vegetarians and Vegans in Spain. If you don’t speak too much Spanish or have guests over this could come in handy. Veggie in Spain

Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

3. Lots of pictures of the intricate details of the Alhambra palace in Granada Spain. This post is currently the third most seen on my blog. A photo essay. The Alhambra palace

2. At no.2 Nearly 2500 views of the Routes at Christmastime of the Nativity scenes around Granada & Andalusia.


1. And the most popular post at Piccavey.com so far is My first year of blogging.

A great post for me personally to look how the year went. I could also set my own resolutions and plans for the shiny new year 2013. 2012 certainly was a busy year for me on the Spain blog and in real life too!

my Spain blog

I have also had a look at the posts with the least views.

One of them caught my eye. Less than 200 views on my Olive picking  post. If you want to know how olives are picked in Andalusia or see pictures of the countryside around the Lecrin Valley read on. Read all about my day of work in an olive grove with a typical Andalusian Family.

Olive picking in Andalusia Spain

Lets see what the next 100 posts on my Spain blog are about…….