Costa Tropical Air Show

Motril Air Show is one of the four Spanish Air Shows celebrated anually. The Costa Tropical has it´s own Air Show on the first day of Summer. This year it is the 14th Edition of the Festival Aereo Internacional de Motril.

The centre of the action is at on Playa Poniente in Motril.  Just off the main road just past Playa Granada.

In 2020 the festival was planned for June but it has been posponed.

On previous years the display started at 11.30am. I like to get there early to park easily. Last year I arrived at 10.30am to the large car park between the road and the beach here.

Helicopter Costa Tropical

Family Day Out

The first time planes were on show in Motril was back in 2006. Since then this International Air Show has grown and progressed over the years.

Now in its 14th year, 2 days before the festival there are some training sessions and rehersals along the coastline. Planned for 28th and 29th June

To entertain the crowds before the show this Guardia Civil Helicopter was there one year. You could go and see it inside and get your photo taken too.

The show opened with the local Tropicopter Helicopter flying the Spanish flag over the crowds to welcome the spectators.

Acrobatics by French team Cartouche Doré followed.

Motril Air Show Costa Tropical

International pilots

This festival is an international one and has pilots from different countries. Last time there were French, Turkish and Spanish pilots made up the display. The commentary on the beach was mainly in Spanish but two parts were done in French and English.

Motril Air Show Spain Aerobatics

Back in 2017 I saw this F-16 C Block-40 aircraft display by SoloTurk. I´m not even going to try to describe this.

Check out the video below:

Air Rescue demonstration

The Sea Rescue Helicopter from Almeria performed a rescue in the sea just off the shore, winching up a man from the sea into the low flying helicopter.

Finally to close the International Air show the Patrulla Aguila (“Eagle Patrol”) the aerobatic demonstration team of the Spanish Air Force, impressed the crowds with their formations. Closing the display with this colourful fly past, the Spanish flag trailing in coloured smoke along the Costa Tropical

Motril Air Show Costa Tropical

Festival Aéreo Internacional de Motril

The show lasted around 3 hours and made a great day at the beach. In 2018 70,000 people enjoyed this sky festival.

For more photos see the official website:  Motril Air Show – Photos

Motril Air Show Spain Eurofighter

The 2019 show will feature:

Spanish Air Force

  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Patrulla Aguila
  • Patrulla Papea
  • Canadian CL 415T

Motril Air Show Spain Aerobatics Patrulla Papaea


  • Heli Air Marbella Private Helicopter
  • Chinook Helicopter
  • Tigre Helicopter

Motril Air Show Spain Chinook Helicopter


Tips to see Motril Air Show

    • How to get there: Drive to Playa Granada, Motril. Follow signs to Playa Poniente, Motril.
    • Get there early: Arrive around 10am. Park up and head off for a coffee or a swim.
    • Facilities: Beach toilets and showers are open on the beach nearby (Small wooden hut)
    • Take hat, sun cream and your camera!
    • Signed posters were available from the different pilots.
    • Small children may need to cover their ears with very powerful engines such as F16

Motril Air Show

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