Film locations in Granada + Almeria

Film locations in Granada and Almeria chosen by Hollywood directors. Over the last 100 years these locations have hosted many famous actors. More than 212 films have been made in Granada province so far.  Filming in this western area of Andalusia began in 1913. In fact, in its heyday the region was making about 50 films each year.

The shoots were often located around Guadix and La Calahorra, North of Granada. By the 1960´s this area was well established for Hollywood filmmakers. The main attraction being lower production costs. The dramatic scenery offered an attractive Film locations, alternative from other locations in USA or Europe. Being able to have so many different settings in a relatively small distance is a huge advantage to film producers and directors.

Spanish Spaghetti Western

The provinces of Almeria & Granada have an immense geographical variety. The desert of Tabernas is an excellent place for Westerns to be filmed. The rugged landscape and rock formations made a fantastic backdrop. The constant sunshine of course also helps with the filming schedules. The beautiful Cabo de Gata beaches have also appeared in some films as well. Indiana Jones filmed by Steven Speilberg was filmed along the coast from Agua amarga as far along to Rodalquilar.

Film locations Cabo de Gata

The Alcazaba fortress in Almeria was used for a scene in ´Conan the Barbarian´ recreating an Arab bazaar. Sean Connery played James Bond in Never say never again in 1983. This also had scenes filmed in Almeria city itself.

Film locations Calahorra Castle

Films made in Granada & Almeria

  • 1988 Indiana Jones & the last Crusade  directed by Steven Speilberg starring Harrison Ford
  • 1982 Conan the Barbarian starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1975 The Wind & the Lion starring Sean Connery
  • 1974 Stardust starring David Essex & Adam Faith
  • 1970 Patton this war film was filmed in the main square in Almeria and won 7 oscars
  • 1967 Navajo Joe directed by Sergio Corbucci Starring Burt Reynolds
  • 1966 The Good, the Bad & the Ugly with Clint Eastwood
  • 1965 Dr Zhivago starring Omar Sharif
  • 1962 Lawrence of Arabia  starring Peter O’Toole and Anthony Quinn. The film won Oscars in 1963.
  • 1933 Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers

Duck Soup had Film locations in the town of Loja. This balcony ´Mirador de Sylvania´ was featured in the film by the Marx Brothers. It appears for just 15 seconds in the film.

Earlier this year (2012) the mountains of Sierra Nevada in Granada were chosen as the location for snowy scenes of a film about the Venezuelan Simon Bolivar.

If you want to know more about this golden age of Andalusian Hollywood you can visit the Almeria film museum in Almeria. It is called the Casa del Cine de Almeria Please make sure you check opening times and guided visits as you need to book in advance.

But if you are a fan of Westerns then visit Tabernas Desert just outside Almeria. They have a visitors centre there.