Spain came 6th in this year’s Muslim Travel Index for Europe. It is the sixth most popular country on the list for Muslim tourism. With this news and the upcoming Halal tourism conference just around the corner, here is some useful information about the Halal services in the city of Granada.

Halal Tourism Conference

The Palacio de Congresos of Granada held the first European International Congress on Islamic tourism. This two day event was in Sept 2014.

The Alhambra palace and the unique history of the city of Granada no doubt had an influence on the decision to hold the conference here.

It´s the first conference of this kind held in Europe.


Granada Mosque

For the city of Granada, Halal tourism is not a new trend. The city has had a working mosque since the summer of 2003 and is home to an important Arab community.  The Mosque is next to the Mirador de San Nicolas, directly opposite the Alhambra Palace. This peaceful space welcomes visiting Muslims to the city.

Find more information here > Mezquita de Granada

There is also another Mosque in Atarfe (outside the city) find information at this link: La Mezquita de la Vega

La Madraza Granada

Another important building which maybe of interest to visitors is La Madraza on calle Oficios (just below Gran Via). This Koranic school was founded by Yusuf I in 1349. Although this has been altered over the years there are still some beautiful architectural features to discover inside.  Open for visit from 10.30am to 1pm daily.

La Madraza Granada weekend

La Madraza – Escapada a Granada

Halal food in Granada Spain

There are many restaurants and businesses offering Halal friendly options. The ones that I know well are:

  • Halal Butcher: Carnicería Zaidin on Avenida Don Bosco 27, Zaidin. My favourite there is bastela (made with chicken)

  • Halal Butcher: Carnicería Albaicin on Calderería Vieja 16, Albaicin (close to Plaza Nueva)

  • Churreria Desi on Acera del Darro and Calle Palencia 20, Zaidin (no lard used to fry their churros)

  • Halal Tapas at Om Khalsoum on Calle Jardines. I have been going here for years. My favourite tapa is the couscous with caramelised onion.

  • Restaurante Halal: Restaurante Arrayanes on Cuesta Marañas 4 is run by Mustafa. The lemonade he serves is wonderful. They have been running this place since 1996 and have served many important visitors over the years

  • Tea shop serves food: The Kasbah on Calderería Nueva 4 has lots to choose from. A wide variety of tea, cakes, food and snacks.

  • Halaal Takeaway: Noodle Restaurant on Calle Principe (close to Plaza Bib Rambla) Eat in, take away or home delivery by motorbike. Choose a selection of noodles with vegetables and a variety of sauces.

  • Also Pad Thai Wok on Calle Pavaneras in the Realejo neighbourhood has takeaway and home delivery.
  • Teteria Halal: As Sirat Tea shop Calderería Nueva 4, Albaicin one of my favourite tea shops. Simple but comfortable.

  • Tetería Baraka C/ Estación 12, Orgiva, in the Alpujarra región. Here they serve tea and food too.

Rest Arrayanes Granada

Recommended hotels which provide space for prayer.

  • Halal Hotel Hotel Casa 1800 Granada Carrera del Darro, Granada They provide space for prayer.

  • Hotel Palacio de los Patos Calle Recogidas, Granada  They can prepare Halal food with prior arrangement. They also provide space for prayer.

  • Hotel Alcadima Calle Francisco Tarrega, Lanjaron  They are happy to provide space for prayer.

Hospes Los Patos Granada Outdoor dining

There are plenty more businesses offering Halal friendly options in the city and province. Although I have included here ones which I know personally and know first-hand.

(Please get in touch if you would like to add your services to this list and I may add your details)

And finally I stumbled upon this travel experience online written by Bushra B.

Hanging out in Islamic Spain

I think that it provides a great insight written by a visitor to Granada, Spain. 

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