Gourmet Burger places in Granada

Gourmet Burger options have been appearing more and more in Gastrobars and restaurants in Granada.

Alnongside more traditional Andalusian dishes on the menu I have been checking out what is so special about these burgers.

Here´s a selection of my favorites (so far) in Granada city centre.

You may know of other places that do a mean burger,  do let me know in the comments.

Bagel Burbu Gourmet burger

Burbu Bar Granada

Burbu has been open for almost two years and has it´s regular customers. It´s a good option for mid week lunchtime menu especially as it´s right in the centre of town.

Burbu has four or five burgers on it´s menu. All are served on freshly made bagels.

The Italian burger has a pesto relish whereas the American burger is the classic one.

Read more about Burbu on my recent review > here

Address: Calle Mesones 5, Granada

la Platea Gourmet burger Granada Spain

La Platea

La Platea has two restaurants, one opposite the Forum building on the edge of town near the Science Park Museum. The other one is just off Puerta Real. Both have different menus but both offer burgers.

At La Platea Centro the NY style burger is served on Mollete bread from Antequera. It´s an Andalusian New York style burger.

The burger at the Platea Forum restaurant is a smaller size burger with a mustard sauce. The quality never varies I have had both several times and the meat is always the best.

La Platea also offer NYC Style brunches on Sundays. Read more here> Brunch in Granada

Address: La Platea Centro: Calle Angel Ganivet 6  / La Platea Forum: Calle José Perez Pujadas 9

Lio granada Gourmet burger Granada Spain

Lio Granada

Lio is the new kid on the block. They opened in May 2015 opposite the main door of Granada Cathedral. This fresh looking bar has a retro style interior. Mixing modern design such as upcycled pallets with original features from the building. There is a terrace outside on the square as well as seating area inside.

Lio have a selection of different dishes, some are specifically for sharing. The burger comes with thick cut fries and served in a basket lined with newspaper. Made with a great quality meat (Carne de buey) this highlight is the salsa relish which has a hint of spice.

Address: Plaza de las Pasiegas, Granada

 Sibarius Gourmet burger Granada Spain


Plaza Bib Rambla, a large square just below the Cathedral has lots of restaurants and cafés. Lots of locals are dubious about eating their as some say it´s overpriced and touristy. It seems that things are changing. Sibarius offers Japanese and Peruvian cuisine and is certainly not set up for tourists. The ingredients here are top notch. The seafood and meat are even visible from the bar. Here they have oysters, sushi and local more traditional dishes.

The gourmet burger stands out as it has a smoky carbon flavour, like grilled on an outdoor barbecue. They also have a sharing plate with mini burgers if you are eating with family or a group. Eat inside or out on the terrace overlooking the square.

Address: Plaza Bib Rambla, Granada


The small print:

All of these burgers were paid for by me and more importantly eaten by me.

The order of the Gourmet Burger list is alphabetical. It is not in order of preference.