Fruit galore in Spain

Simple to enjoy 5 fruit or vegetables a day everyday in Spain.

Often I am asked why I moved to Spain. That isn´t the correct question to ask. The key is why I stayed here rather than what initially brought me here. Fruit is certainly a good motivator. I miss it when I am out of the country.

There are quite a few reasons why I decided to stay in Spain rather than return to the UK. Amongst them one of the great things about living in Spain is the food culture.

Recently I read a BBC news story Britons Failing to reach 5 a day fruit and veg goal.  Five a day is equivalent to 400 gr of fruit and vegetables per day.

I believe that getting your 5 a day in Spain is much easier that it is back in the UK (or US)

Here are different ways to guarantee the 5 a day goal every day in Spain.

  • Pop to your local market. Buy lovely Local fruit and organic seasonal vegetables. They don´t call them farmers markets here but they are practically the same as the ones I have seen in the US. Some markets are more commercial but in agricultural areas such as small villages in the Alpujarra you have some great places to buy food. 
  • In most bars you can get a glass of Freshly squeezed orange juice at any time of the day. If I´m on the run and not had fruit I have a glass as a mid afternoon snack instead of cake.
  • It´s easy to be enticed to getting the chicken and chips for lunch or the eating up all the free fried tapas offered in Andalusia. If you choose carefully you will notice that they usually serve dishes with healthy things like Aubergines, Spinach, artichokes or mushrooms.

  • The value for money lunchtime menus often include choices with vegetables and salads. Steer clear of battered food and fried dishes.

  • Often fruit is available for dessert. Whether it be a piece of fruit or a more elaborately prepared dish. Some traditional options are Pears in wine or sliced oranges with honey. In Autumn/Winter it´s very popular to serve Oven baked Quince with cinnamon.

  • Melon with ham is a starter that is often on any menu that is great for lunchtime in summer.  Melon at breakfast is wonderfully fresh first thing and can often be found on breakfast tables.

  • Think about what fruit and vegetables are currently in season. This is when they are cheapest and at their most tasty moment. Don´t eat things out of season as they are expensive and often don´t taste their best.

A while ago I wrote a post about Autumn Fruit in Andalusia that you may want to read, particularly if you live in Spain.