Craft Beers may not be the first drink that comes to mind in Southern Spain

In Andalusia it’s not unusual for me to be outnumbered by wine drinkers. I drink beer. I always have done.

Most of my Spanish friends only drink beer on hot summer days.

It seems that things are changing. As interest in food increases and people are constantly trying new flavour combinations. This production of local craft beers is clearly growing. Food pairing events are popular. Chefs and foodies are constantly looking out for shiny new ideas and tastes. Craft beers add another factor to ´maridaje´ with its broad selection of flavours.

Local Granada Beer Spain

Cheers – Good luck with the launch

Clearly beer is now something to talk about in Spain too.

The Spanish Thyme Traveller wrote a blog post ´There´s a beer revolution going on´ This includes La Socarrada brewery based in Xativa. This producer of craft beers already exports internationally.

After being inspired by this post I wondered if there were any craft beers where I live. After some research I managed to track down a three producers in my area. (More than I expected to find intially)

Quality product for making beer

Mammooth has been around since 2009 and you can buy it in quite a few different outlets. The reason it´s called Mammooth is because it is produced in El Padul. This area 13 kms to the south of Granada uncovered Mammooth remains in 1982 from thousands of years ago. (Middle Pleistocene period)  In Granada´s Science Park you can see tusks and some other relevant pieces on display.

The beers currently being produced by Mammooth are: ·

  • Mammooth Pale Ale – made with 4 malt varieties Alc 5.6%
  • Mammooth Weinrich – Bavarian Style Wheat beer with Orange & ginger.Alc 5.6%
  • Mammooth Hecate – Stout Alc  9%
  • Mammooth Granada Fosil – Refreshing Pilsen Alc 4.7%ç

Lanchar´s three varieties

Cervezas Lanchar was less familiar to me. This small company based in Lanjaron has three varieties of beer. They have literally just come into the market and are just beginning to promote their products. Lanchar are selling traditionally made craft beer made without filter or pasteurization. I tasted some of their range at a stand in the Alpujarra Easter fair. This fair is on every year in Orgiva. It´s a great place to taste the different foods produced locally in the Alpujarra villages of Granada. The Lanchar beers I tasted were;

  • Serrana Saison – Made with 4 malt varities Alc 5.6%
  • Veleta Pale Ale – Bavarian Style Wheat beer with Orange & ginger.Alc 5.6%
  • Elorrieta Belgian Ale – A dense Stout with Alc  9%

Then Mid May on a day out in Cabo de Gata, Almeria, I came across more craft beers. Far West. This brand is producing small batches of their craft beers in Nijar. I got to try the Golden star ale. This was the perfect drink for a hot day in Rodalquilar. I list three varities but they actually have more. The beers they had on the day were;

  • Golden Star Ale. A light golden beer. Alc 3.8%
  • Red Wine Ale this reddish colour beer has a caramelised Malt flavor. Alc 5.2%
  • Black Diamond Ale Far West´s Stout variety. Alc 5.0%

So next time you ask for a caña you may want to rethink and ask what Craft beers are available.

You may find a new favourite. I certainly have….. Lanchar´s Veleta Pale Ale.