My christmas preparation…

Throughout November I have seen the ad breaks on TV become more and more Christmassy. So now we are close to the end of November I am ramping up my own Christmas preparation.

I don´t actually begin with Christmas shopping, that is that final part of the planning.

Here´s what I start with:

1) A good clear out of things at home. With each item I decide what to do:

• Keep it.
• Throw it away (or recycle if possible)
• Give it away, something I no longer need it but it could be useful to someone else.

The idea is that before all the new presents, clothes and toys come into the house, I will have already made some space. It also gives me the chance to spot things that are tatty and broken. As this could give me some ideas of what to add to my Christmas list. Each year it is incresingly difficult when I am asked what I want Santa to bring me. Don´t we all have everything we need nowadays…?

With the things you no longer need, Charities will be happy to take them no doubt. Particularly round Christmastime charities request nearly new toys for different causes, if they do in your area you´ll already have them bagged up!

2) All the travel that I have to do over Christmas is booked well in advance. I hopefully get the best deals as I usually book in September or October. Another benefit of doing this is that I know who I will be seeing over the festive period. This allows me to arrange gifts to be sent by post or to buy online, if I know that I won´t get to see them myself at Christmastime.


Christmas preparation Markets Granada Spain

3) I check my calendar for any Birthdays. In case there are any that fall between now and Mid January. With Christmas parties, travel and shopping days, things can get chaotic and the days fly by. I have two family birthdays at the end of December and even one on the 1st of January. So I prepare for these before Christmas to make sure that I don´t have any problems getting the cards or gifts on time, or even forget completely.

4) I keep a list each year of the gifts I give to my family. The list makes a good budgetting tool as I note down how much I spend each year. With this Gift list I can look back over the previous years and make sure I´m not repeating gifts. For example, always giving my Dad socks and ties. Around mid November I prepare the new list and pencil in ideas as Christmas gets nearer.

5) I try my best to keep December hassle free. I like to keep my schedule as empty as possible. If I manage this closer to Christmas I can accept last minute dinner invitations or meet up with friends at a moment´s notice. If I am travelling alot I will keep my Christmas decorations to a minimum (see miniature matchbox nativity below) as this alot of time saved if no one is going to see the Christmas tree only me anyway.

6) Finally I begin to buy gifts and get my Christmas shopping done. To keep my luggage to a minimum when flying I often buy my gifts online. Many online stores deliver worldwide and often have gift wrapping options too. I tend to try to purchase several presents from one retailer to keep the delivery costs low. (if there are any to pay) As I tend to plan ahead I have even managed to get personalised gifts ordered in the past well in time for Christmas Day.

7) I keep a check on what I need to do and avoid doing unecessary things. We all want it to be perfect at Christmastime. If we realise that getting it done is often enough we would have an easier time. The emphasis should be on having fun and seeing friends and family. Not on the perfect Christmas cake icing or some other minute detail

So after my getting my Christmas preparation done, when December finally arrives, usually all I have to think about is what outfit I am going to wear and which Nativity scene I´m going to see in Granada.

What do you do for christmas preparation and coming up to the holidays?