When? Fridays and Saturdays in July & August.

Where? Laroles open-air theatre in the Alpujarra mountains, Granada

1 hour 15 mins from Granada, 1 hr 30 mins from Almeria and 2 hours from Malaga.

´Me Vuelves Lorca´ is more than just a festival.


  • ……the chance to enjoy quality theatre in a unique setting
  • … a return to the essence of theatre: experience theatre as the ancient Greeks did #breath-taking
  • … an unspoilt, little known corner of Spain waiting to be discovered
  • … part of a dynamic, award-winning social development project
  • … a taste of a traditional rural lifestyle
  • … set against the backdrop of the stunning Alpujarra mountains in the Sierra Nevada National Park

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Laroles PROGRAMME 2017

Me Vuelves Lorca

This summer in Laroles the third edition of  ‘ME VUELVES LORCA’ theatre & music Festival takes place in the Alpujarras. With each edition the festival represents a new phase in the life of Un Teatro Entre Todos, an award-winning social development project. Aiming to revitalize a lesser known area  the Alpujarras in Granada through cultural events and sustainable tourism.

Laroles Theatre in Spain

A theatre in the mountains

It’s a dream that started in 2013 with the construction of a open-air theatre on the outskirts of the village. The work was carried out by members of the
local community, taking advantage of the traditional know-how in the area and using the same materials that have been used for centuries to make the agricultural terraces in the area.
The result is a beautiful, handcrafted amphitheatre in a stunning natural setting in an area that’s been hard hit by the recession. A commitment to sustainable tourism and culture set in motion by the local inhabitants.
British-born Anna Kemp is the driving force behind the project, and takes as her inspiration, the Minack Theatre in Cornwall, one of the most famous open-air theatres in the world, and the product of the commitment and determination ofanother woman, Rowena Cade (1893-1983).


Laroles Theatre Festival

The 2017 edition has a varied programme.

With music concerts, flamenco, theatre, comedy and improvisation. Some activities are in Spanish and some are suitable for non Spanish speakers.

  • 28th July –  Theatre Fuente Ovejuña
  • 29th July – Theatre – El Minuto del Payaso
  • 4th august – Jazz concert- Jorge Pardo
  • 5th August – Rock Concert – Juan Perro
  • 11th August – Improvisation/comedy – Jamming Compañia
  • 12th August – Flamenco – Belen Maya

Laroles Hotel Alpujarra


Where to stay

A variety of accommodation is on offer in Laroles and the surrounding area

  • Real Laroles Hotel (photo above)
  • Mairena Hotel
  • Laroles campsite
  • Country cortijos
  • Self-catering flats

More information about where to stay is available on  website: www.mevuelveslorca.com


Calling all Heroes

Our festival might be bite-sized but it’s big and bold in spirit. We strive hard to bring the best possible theatre to Laroles.

Thanks to the efforts of our willing volunteers, we can keep costs down,but we rely on ticket sales to keep going.

Which is why we’ve launched our>  Calling All Heroes! campaign.
No matter how small, your contribution will make a big difference…… and you will be ensuring our festival goes from strength to strength.

All our heroes will appear on our Hero Page (together with the superpower of your choice).
And because we’re all about making theatre more accessible, when you give 50€, we’ll give someone in the village a season ticket to this year’s Festival.

Buy more than one ticket……and we’ll make you a Superhero!

Laroles Me Vuelves Lorca


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