So here I am back in my old ´home´ this time I´ve just come to Barcelona for a short break and to catch up with friends.

I can see that Sagrada Familia has progressed since my last visit just 6 months ago.

I always lived very close to this amazing Gaudi building.

Sagrada Familia

This was started in 1883! The progress is really fast now. When I was 12 years old they said it would be completed in the year 2070 or something like that, now it seems they only have a handful of years to go! 

Paseo de Gracia

As always I managed to pull in a little window shopping to my Barcelona agenda. I love to wander down Paseo de Gracia, Portaferrisa and up the Diagonal too to the huge Corte Inglés and Lílla shopping centre. This picture above is a beautiful column of a building in Paseo de Gracia. It is actually were the Loewe store is.

Catalan Food

I usually have lunch out, one of the best spots if you want to taste real Catalan food is El Mussol. This restaurant began in 1994 and since then has opened 5 places in Barcelona city centre.  Speaking of Catalan traditions while I was in Barcelona it was the fiesta of San Juan.

These means lots of bonfires along the beach, fireworks and bangers everywhere on 23rd June. A sweeter side to the party is the Coque, a sweet pastry.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

No trip to Barcelona is complete without a stroll down the Ramblas.

There are some great things to notice as you walk along past the street artists and flower stalls. The Casa de las Paraguas (1883) is half way down the Ramblas. It takes its name from its past when it was an umbrella shop. 

The Ramblas have several names, each part named differently.

Just below the umbrella shop is Rambla de las Flores, as its full of flower sellers.

La Boqueria

Not far from here is the entrance of the famous Boqueria Market. One of my favourite places to wander round. It´s best to go in the morning as some stalls are operating in the afternoon. The seafood and fish stalls are the ones that most stand out. They are amazing.

There are many restaurants and bars on the edge of the market. A great place to stop for lunch and taste freshly made food. Just at the entrance of the market on the Ramblas is the well-known Confectioners Escriba. The shop is really worth looking at, it´s façade is beautiful and the sweets and cakes they make are equally well turned out.

I couldn´t stop as I had to meet up for lunch with a friend. We chose La Fonda, just the other side of the Rambla. 9.40 euros for an amazing lunch menu. 3 starters to choose from, 3 mains, and 3 desserts. Drink included. That evening I was going to Plaza España, I managed to get this great shot of the modern communications tower next to the Palau Sant Jordi.

Torre Calatrava

The Torre Calatrava was built in 1992. For the Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Next to the Palau Sant Jordi it towers 136 m (446 ft) high and represents an athlete carrying the Olympic flame. It also works as a giant sundial.

I hope you enjoyed this ´postcard´ from Barcelona as much as I did catching up with the city

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