An Expat in Spain lifestyle doesn´t also have to be textbook Brit abroad. Since moving to Spain back in 1998 I´ve adapting to life here and speak fluent Spanish.  When my colleagues, friends and family think of my new life in Southern Spain, straight away they conjure up images of beaches, infinity pools, waiters pouring jugs of Sangria and hot sunny days.

In this post I want to share an average day to give you an idea of what it´s really like as an expat in Spain.

Molly in Mijas Spain

A Day in the Life – Expat in Spain

Weekdays I work. Usually I get up around 7.30am. Getting ready quickly, with my bag and clothes prepared the night before. (Its difficult to process at that time of the morning) Most days I leave the house without having breakfast.

I pop to the bar next to my house and have coffee and toast there. This is something I love doing. I take a little time to read the news online and sip my frothy coffee for about 15 minutes.

My breakfast costs 2.60 euros. The waiter knows exactly what I have, wholemeal toast with tomato and olive oil,  leche manchada coffee, (milky coffee). He knows that I don´t take sugar in my coffee and even knows which football team I support.

Coffee made with love

After finishing my breakfast I walk along to work, listening to podcasts from UK radio or music depending on my mood. It takes me about 15 minutes as I walk at a leisurely pace. I´m lucky to live quite close to my office. I set up my desk for the day. Get my water ready on my desk to drink during the morning. Then I start with the emails and the day´s schedule.

Menu del Dia

At lunchtime I usually choose a nearby restaurant for lunch. They have great offers with the midday menu. The 3 course lunch costs between 10 – 12 euros: I typically choose a salad starter, a grilled fish for main course and fresh fruit for dessert. Bread and a drink is also included. I take about an hour lunch break from 2.30pm.

Astronauta Cordoba Restaurant

Long Afternoons in Spain

In the afternoon depending on my schedule I may have meetings or activities outside the office. When I leave the office, most days I head to the gym to do some exercise. Sitting in front of the computer all day isn´t the healthiest activity.

So I will spend 3 evenings per week typically at the gym enjoying classes or swimming in the indoor pool.  I´ve been in the same gym for a few years now and know quite a few people there. After working out I usually go to the Spa area to relax and unwind. It has different areas with steam room, sauna and roman baths.  At the weekend I sometimes spend time writing this blog or reading to research for new articles.

Other evenings after work I might go into town to run a few errands or maybe meet up with a friend for a drink and a tapa. Here the shops are open until 9pm or 10pm in the week. So it gives me time after work if I need to buy something or pick up food on my way home.

Granada Cathedral in Spain

Watch TV abroad

When I get home I prepare dinner quickly and watch some UK television. I like to keep in touch with what´s happening back home. If you want to watch TV from other countries the best way is to use a VPN service. I actually use my smartphone to watch the programmes. Its easy and quick to do and I just pay a small monthly rate.

I usually have a light dinner and make sure I have plenty of fruit too. That´s one think I love about Spain, the wonderful seasonal produce.

In Southern Spain the days tend to be long due to so many hours of sunlight. I generally go to bed around midnight. Actually I think that the days in the week don´t vary much from the lifestyle of people who work in other cities and countries around Europe. What do you think of this day in the life in Andalusia ?

If you are wondering about the lack of Sangria, beach and sun loungers.. Don´t worry,  I make up for that at the weekend and on regular breaks around Spain!

Priego de Cordoba Andalusia Spain blog

Conclusion – Expat in Spain

The things that make a big difference are the lifestyle choices such as great local food on offer for lower prices than you may expect. The great healthcare system in Spain. There are other benefits such as the amount of natural light and dry days. (In Granada where I live there are very few rainy days each year).  Moving around can be done on foot or bicycle due to the light too. I always feel safe around here.

However on a daily basis my actual routine of how I spend my time is only slightly different that it would have been back in the UK. The free time I have is spent more wisely here as the days are longer and the weather is better. Allowing me to enjoy all of my downtime once work is done.

The advantage of being able to travel around Spain Portugal and the Mediterranean is another added benefit to living in this corner of the world too. You may also like this post about Moving to Granada.

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